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Sephardic Heritage Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization focused on facilitating the religious and cultural observance of the Jewish Syrian-Sephardic Communities. We have been producing prayer books for over 50 years, catering to the Syrian Sephardic Communities around the world including the U.S, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. By distributing publications, Sephardic Heritage Foundation strives to perpetuate the venerated prayer, sacred traditions and valued customs of one of the oldest uninterrupted Jewish Communities of the world, the Community of Aram Soba (Aleppo, Syria). Our work is influenced and inspired by our late founder, Mr. Sam Catton, may he rest in peace.

It is our mission to carry on these sacred traditions through our publications and services to Syrian-Sephardic Communities worldwide.

For any questions, comments or concerns about our publications please feel free to contact us.


Sephardic Heritage Foundation was established in 1972 by Mr. Sam Catton a”h and is currently led by his grandson David Catton. Since its inception, the Sephardic Heritage Foundation has distributed nearly 2,000,000 books to Syrian-Sephardic Communities worldwide.  The Kol Yaakob Siddur and Shelom Yerushalayim Mahzorim are unquestionably the #1 resource for prayers of Syrian-Sephardic Jews in all countries and Communities across 6 continents.  


We are driven by and dedicated to preserving our illustrious masoret and heritage which is thousands of years old and dates back to the time of King David, King Solomon and the First Temple. 

In 2006, David Catton succeeded his grandfather as President of the Sephardic Heritage Foundation. Under David's leadership, the Foundation has not only enhanced its existing publications but has also added many new ones crucial for Sephardic communities. Furthermore, it has expanded its global reach and gained prominence on six continents. David has successfully perpetuated the legacy of his beloved grandfather, Sam Catton, by elevating the Foundation to new heights.


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